Mixmoon Restaurant Logo
Lunch: 11:30am to 3pm. Wednesday - Sunday
Serving lunch special: Wednesday to Friday
Dinner: 5pm - Late. 7 Nights.
Phone: 09 827 3313


The Crispy Moon Appetiser from MixMoon Restaurant in New Lynn. Photo / Dean Purcell

New Lynn’s Malaysian restaurant, MixMoon, fits well with the ongoing facelift of the suburb, which until now was one of West Auckland’s more dilapidated outposts. Like the remodelled shopping centre, with its offbeat sculptures, beautifully restored old buildings and classy new ones, MixMoon is elegant, sophisticated and (unless you’re unlucky enough to be seated right down the back) a thoroughly pleasant place to eat… Read More

Chef Vuthichai Tiatrakul with a Mango Sticky Rice dessert, one of several outstanding puddings at Mix Moon in New Lynn. Photo / Getty Images

Readers from New Lynn will, I hope, forgive me if I suggest that the suburb, the least westernmost part of what used to be called Waitakere City and will always be called West Auckland, is not really a dining destination… Read More